Wednesday, 24 October 2012

149th Armageddon Steel Legion, Rolling Thunder

So as you all know, I was originally going to be playing Eldar Corsairs that really epitomised the whole Forge World on a budget ethos (1,750pts clocking in at £356) but with me being a gamer and very (VERY) fickle I have abandoned the idea of a cheap compact and very elite force, and have settled upon the Armageddon Steel Legion (using Death Korps of Krieg models) this will be an armoured force using Forge World models (where possible), but the Imperial Guard codex list.

The list I'll show soon.

With these guys being armoured assault specialists it was very easy to just the core of my army then load them up in tanks.
I shall start writing some fluff and history for the regiment soon.
The main attraction to the Krieg models is the whole WW1 imagery and I think these models best represent what it is to be human in the 41st millennium.

Without further adue here is my list;


Infantry Company Command Squad -
Company Commander - Power Sword.
Infantryman - Regimental Standard.
Infantryman - Vox-Caster.
Infantryman - Medipack.
Infantryman - Grenade Launcher.
Advisor - Astropath.
Advisor - Master of Ordnance.
Advisor - Officer of the Fleet.
All - Carapace Armour.
Chimera -
Turret Mounted Multi-Laser, Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter, Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber, Extra Armour.

Lord Commissar -
Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, Carapace Armour.
Turret Mounted Heavy Flamer, Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter, Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour.


Steel Legion Stormtrooper Squad-
Stormtrooper Sergeant - Hot Shot Las Pistol, Hot Shot Lasgun.
Stormtrooper - Grenade Launcher.
Stormtrooper - Grenade Launcher.
4 Stormtroopers - Hot Shot Las Pistol, Hot Shot Lasgun.
All - Carapace Armour.
Turret Mounted Heavy Bolter, Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter, Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour.


Steel Legion Armoured Fist Squad -
Veteran Sergeant - Laspistol.
Infantryman - Vox-Caster.
Infantryman - Grenade Launcher.
Infantryman - Grenade Launcher.
7x Infantryman - Lasgun.
Turret Mounted Multi-Laser, Hull Mounted Heavy Flamer, Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour.

Steel Legion Armoured Fist Squad -
Veteran Sergeant - Laspistol.
Infantryman - Vox-Caster.
Infantryman - Grenade Launcher.
Infantryman - Grenade Launcher.
7x Infantryman - Lasgun.
Turret Mounted Heavy Flamer, Hull Mounted Heavy Flamer, Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour.


Valkyrie Assault Squadron-
Valkyrie Assault Carrier - Lascannons, Multiple Rocket Pods.
Valkyrie Assault Carrier - Lascannons, Multiple Rocket Pods.


Hydra Anti-Aircraft Tank -
Turret Mounted Hydra Autocannons, Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter, Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber, Dozer Bkade.

Leman Russ Squadron -
Leman Russ Executioner - Knight Commander Villen (counts as Pask), Turret Mounted Executioner Plasma Cannon, Hull Mounted Lascannon, Sponson Mounted Multi-Meltas, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour.

Total Points - 1,749

Be sure to come back soon for a progress report.

Remember to follow the #ForgeWorldOnly hashtag on twitter.

That's all for now.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

From Flesh to Iron, a post by Bryn

From Flesh to Iron....

Well where to begin, I guess a little on why I got into this little venture of ours.
I have always liked reading articles about army collecting and why people go for the army they chose, articles such as "Tales of 4 Gamers" always enthralled me. Watching an army grow is the best part of our hobby for me. I am more of a painter than a gamer.

Then as I was checking my Twitter feed I read a retweeted message from a certain @richards2507 about starting his little adventure into #ForgeWorldOnly and I thought I would like to keep an eye on this as Forgeworld make great kits and am always interested in seeing what is made of them. Then the fateful day he asked if anyone would like to join him and @knibbler1987 in their resin dream and I decided to take the plunge and join in fully expecting to drop out as I am a pretty inconsistent hobbyist and am constantly distracted by shiny things.

Then more joined and talk turned to meeting up and gaming and again thoughts of dropping out came to mind as I'm not especially social and am not a gamer as such much prefer the army building and painting aspect of the hobby but I thought no I will not drop out I will meet my FWO mateys I will play some games and I will have a damn good time doing it!!!

Now army selection, I initially dived on Pre Heresy Space Wolves but something always bothered me about it and yesterday evening waiting for a game to install on pc it struck me.... The Forgeworld Space Marines are quite static not how I envisioned my Wolves at all. I had already dismissed Eldar as I only like the tanks so back to Space Marines but which Legion as I still wanted Pre Heresy. Then I remembered my favourite Chaos Marines began as an Space Marine Legion, The Iron Warriors, Sons of Perturabo and masters of Siegecraft and the breaking of the strongest bastions.

The problem was how could I get an Iron warriors force to not sit back and shoot? This type of play does not suit my tastes so had to work out a way to "chainsword" things up.
And so I present (finally congrats if you read all that and are still awake) my plan and concept for my force, the second Battlegroup (name to be decided), after the guns of the enemies defences had been silenced, and the outer walls breached often a defenders last sight will be the silhouette in the dust cloud of space marine assault troop swinging a chainsword hefting a bolter or melta gun ready to end the siege and the defenders' life.
The second Battlegroup were the troops trained to secure the breach, trained to endure in the most brutal and unforgiving of combats often bottlenecked but through ferocity and sheer determination the chant of "Iron within, Iron without!" has echoed in the shattered halls of many a false ruler thinking himself safe behind his high walls and shuttered gates.

Thats enough from me for now thanks Richard for the loan of youre blog.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

High jacked....Forge World Only

Well today the blog has been high jacked and by looks of it some Alpha Legion propaganda has been distributed through the sources claim the mastermind of Dave Mason (@colourpurple210) is behind this subversive tactic...the propaganda is as follows;

Monday, 8 October 2012

Forge World Only, The Participants

This will be a list of participants, twitter names & armies chosen (I have left the maybes off the list)

Imperial Guard

Richard Smith (me) - @richards2507 - Armageddon Steel Legion

Liam Hall - @MunkeyKungFu - Elysian Drop Troops

Rob Mossop - @peppermint_cat - Death Korps of Krieg

Space Marines (Post Heresy)

David Ellis - @Honsou92 - Red Scorpions

Greg Cheeseman - @Sven86Wolf - Space Wolves

Antony Knibbs - @knibbler1987 - The Minotaurs

Andy Elliot - @war_game_geek - The Angels Templar (Custom Chapter)

Ian Brown - @GriffonsHowl - Sisters of Battle with Grey Knights

Traitor Space Marines (Post Heresy)

Jamie Searle - @DrakePolDragon - The Mantis Warriors

Phil Spurgeon - @TheShellCase - The Dark Knights (custom Legion)

Emma Hill - @Oddballkane - Death Guard/Khorne

Space Marine Legions (Pre Heresy)

 Richard Smith (me) - @richards2507 - Luna Wolves

Jason Byles - @jipin - World Eaters

Dave Wilkinson - @docbungle - Sons of Horus

Andrew Taylor - @yorkwargamer - Imperial Fists

Tom Dixon - @tommy2drops666 - Space Wolves

Chris Johnson - @CPJohnson80 - Emperors Cildren

David Mason - @colourpurple210 - Alpha Legion

Bryn Hill - @BamBamBeast - Iron Warriors

Neil Challis - @NeilChallis - Death Guard

Robert Mitchell - @MarauderMitch - Word Bearers

John Day - @Fallen_Princes - World Eaters

Stuart Mack - @TerrainGeek - Death Guard

Chris Oakley - @CryxChris - Iron Warriors

Tim Walker - @warllama40k - Ultramarines


Joe McDermott - @Borkan_Ice - Tau Empire

Dominic Webster - @MrDoink76 - Eldar Corsairs

Tim Walker - @warllama40k - Tau Empire

So this is the current list, I'm sure it will keep increasing.

I would like to extend my thanks to all and look forward to seeing everyone's progress, this has attracted far more than I expected, as it was originally planned as a personal project that I could track my progress with.

Be sure to keep track of everyone on twitter and the #ForgeWorldOnly hashtag

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Forge World Only

So those of you who follow me on twitter (and if not why not! @richards2507), you'll all be well aware that a project I am (bravely) undertaking is make an army using as much Forge World as possible.
So what is Forge World Only I hear you all scream, well it's quite simple really :)

The rules are as follows;

1) Forge World models should be used primarily, unless they don't manufacture a specific part.

2) If Forge World don't manufacture a specific part, you can use any company in the world. FOR THAT PART ONLY.

3) You can only have 1 unit/FOC choice at a time (combat squads count as a unit, transport is a separate unit)

4) You can only buy another unit after the current one is fully painted and based, and pictures shared on twitter.

5) once we reach 1,750points we all meet at Warhammer World for a day of gaming, drinking and purchasing our next unit.

All pictures are to be shared using the hashtag #ForgeWorldOnly

So far we have 26 people undertaking this mighty project, the list of names, twitter names and armies can be found on the participants post.

So that is it for now, prepare for many updates in this huge project.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Battlefoam P.A.C.K 432 Review

 Hi Folks,

Welcome to my second blog entry on here and my first case review for this blog.

As always it is a battlefoam case (I wouldn't want to carry my models around in anything less!)

The case in mention this time is the Battlefoam P.A.C.K 432 and as the name suggests this case is claimed to be capable of carrying 432 models (I will not be able to verify this as I only play Malifaux and Warmachine, which even combined I will never have that many models).

My first impression of the case is once again, this is a BIG case with lots of storage space.

Before opening the case I am greeted with many, many pockets to store all my gaming aids in and enough room to carry ALL of my rulesbooks, tape measures, tokens, markers and cards in (it even has a bottle pocket on the side).
So I swiftly opened the bag to check where my models will be spending their travelling time. Low and behold on checking out the other side there is another pocket where I can store even more material. This got me thinking all this bag needs is a place for me to store my laptop and I would be set. After unzipping the model side I was pleased to see the great quality foam that comes with the Battlefoam name and lots of it!

So onto the bag itself;
The material used to make the bag seems very good and the embroidery is a nice touch (if a little gimmicky but then again lets be fair we all love little gimmicks).

The case is sturdy and seems very strong (I haven't tested it for sturdiness...yet). There is more space than I expected in a bag this size, considering the amount of foam you have to play with. 

The Foam;

  Small Pluck tray (25mm)for small based models

The depth of the Medium Pluck tray (50mm)
will house most medium based models

Depth of large Pluck tray (75mm) will house
most of your large based models

All 180mm of foam (includes 3 x 5mm Toppers)

The amount of storage you have to carry all your gaming aids is really good. You have ample room for everything you will want to take to your gaming night/event/weekend. You can easily carry your larger rules manuals, pocket rules manual, Marker, tokens, pencils and all your templates, it even has a bottle holder.

Storage cover

Card pouch side of the case

Bottle holder side of the case

Well that is all the good points covered so now onto the negatives.

It is without a doubt an expensive case, of course you get what you pay for and that saying is very much proven with this (and any battlefoam bag). But that being said this case will be more expensive than the competitors. 

That really is the only bad point I can find with the bag and overall I would be willing to pay more for a bag of this quality and I will happily recommend the bags to anyone looking for a gaming case.

It comes in two colours (black and Olive Green) and has the various loadouts you come to expect with battlefoam. Go and check out for more information on all of their products.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Welcome all.

Hi there everyone, Welcome to my new blog, this will be an omni-blog for all my adventures into skirmish wargames. Expect Pirates, Superheroes, Zombies and anything else inbetween. I shall primarily cover Malifaux, Warmahine/Hordes, Pulp City and my travels into many Pirate games. This blog will cover battle reports, painting guides (from guest artists...I hope) and hobby talk. I hope you will enjoy the blog and I will intend for weekly updates. Malandres out