Saturday, 13 October 2012

From Flesh to Iron, a post by Bryn

From Flesh to Iron....

Well where to begin, I guess a little on why I got into this little venture of ours.
I have always liked reading articles about army collecting and why people go for the army they chose, articles such as "Tales of 4 Gamers" always enthralled me. Watching an army grow is the best part of our hobby for me. I am more of a painter than a gamer.

Then as I was checking my Twitter feed I read a retweeted message from a certain @richards2507 about starting his little adventure into #ForgeWorldOnly and I thought I would like to keep an eye on this as Forgeworld make great kits and am always interested in seeing what is made of them. Then the fateful day he asked if anyone would like to join him and @knibbler1987 in their resin dream and I decided to take the plunge and join in fully expecting to drop out as I am a pretty inconsistent hobbyist and am constantly distracted by shiny things.

Then more joined and talk turned to meeting up and gaming and again thoughts of dropping out came to mind as I'm not especially social and am not a gamer as such much prefer the army building and painting aspect of the hobby but I thought no I will not drop out I will meet my FWO mateys I will play some games and I will have a damn good time doing it!!!

Now army selection, I initially dived on Pre Heresy Space Wolves but something always bothered me about it and yesterday evening waiting for a game to install on pc it struck me.... The Forgeworld Space Marines are quite static not how I envisioned my Wolves at all. I had already dismissed Eldar as I only like the tanks so back to Space Marines but which Legion as I still wanted Pre Heresy. Then I remembered my favourite Chaos Marines began as an Space Marine Legion, The Iron Warriors, Sons of Perturabo and masters of Siegecraft and the breaking of the strongest bastions.

The problem was how could I get an Iron warriors force to not sit back and shoot? This type of play does not suit my tastes so had to work out a way to "chainsword" things up.
And so I present (finally congrats if you read all that and are still awake) my plan and concept for my force, the second Battlegroup (name to be decided), after the guns of the enemies defences had been silenced, and the outer walls breached often a defenders last sight will be the silhouette in the dust cloud of space marine assault troop swinging a chainsword hefting a bolter or melta gun ready to end the siege and the defenders' life.
The second Battlegroup were the troops trained to secure the breach, trained to endure in the most brutal and unforgiving of combats often bottlenecked but through ferocity and sheer determination the chant of "Iron within, Iron without!" has echoed in the shattered halls of many a false ruler thinking himself safe behind his high walls and shuttered gates.

Thats enough from me for now thanks Richard for the loan of youre blog.

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