Monday, 2 July 2012

Battlefoam P.A.C.K 432 Review

 Hi Folks,

Welcome to my second blog entry on here and my first case review for this blog.

As always it is a battlefoam case (I wouldn't want to carry my models around in anything less!)

The case in mention this time is the Battlefoam P.A.C.K 432 and as the name suggests this case is claimed to be capable of carrying 432 models (I will not be able to verify this as I only play Malifaux and Warmachine, which even combined I will never have that many models).

My first impression of the case is once again, this is a BIG case with lots of storage space.

Before opening the case I am greeted with many, many pockets to store all my gaming aids in and enough room to carry ALL of my rulesbooks, tape measures, tokens, markers and cards in (it even has a bottle pocket on the side).
So I swiftly opened the bag to check where my models will be spending their travelling time. Low and behold on checking out the other side there is another pocket where I can store even more material. This got me thinking all this bag needs is a place for me to store my laptop and I would be set. After unzipping the model side I was pleased to see the great quality foam that comes with the Battlefoam name and lots of it!

So onto the bag itself;
The material used to make the bag seems very good and the embroidery is a nice touch (if a little gimmicky but then again lets be fair we all love little gimmicks).

The case is sturdy and seems very strong (I haven't tested it for sturdiness...yet). There is more space than I expected in a bag this size, considering the amount of foam you have to play with. 

The Foam;

  Small Pluck tray (25mm)for small based models

The depth of the Medium Pluck tray (50mm)
will house most medium based models

Depth of large Pluck tray (75mm) will house
most of your large based models

All 180mm of foam (includes 3 x 5mm Toppers)

The amount of storage you have to carry all your gaming aids is really good. You have ample room for everything you will want to take to your gaming night/event/weekend. You can easily carry your larger rules manuals, pocket rules manual, Marker, tokens, pencils and all your templates, it even has a bottle holder.

Storage cover

Card pouch side of the case

Bottle holder side of the case

Well that is all the good points covered so now onto the negatives.

It is without a doubt an expensive case, of course you get what you pay for and that saying is very much proven with this (and any battlefoam bag). But that being said this case will be more expensive than the competitors. 

That really is the only bad point I can find with the bag and overall I would be willing to pay more for a bag of this quality and I will happily recommend the bags to anyone looking for a gaming case.

It comes in two colours (black and Olive Green) and has the various loadouts you come to expect with battlefoam. Go and check out for more information on all of their products.

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