Monday, 8 October 2012

Forge World Only, The Participants

This will be a list of participants, twitter names & armies chosen (I have left the maybes off the list)

Imperial Guard

Richard Smith (me) - @richards2507 - Armageddon Steel Legion

Liam Hall - @MunkeyKungFu - Elysian Drop Troops

Rob Mossop - @peppermint_cat - Death Korps of Krieg

Space Marines (Post Heresy)

David Ellis - @Honsou92 - Red Scorpions

Greg Cheeseman - @Sven86Wolf - Space Wolves

Antony Knibbs - @knibbler1987 - The Minotaurs

Andy Elliot - @war_game_geek - The Angels Templar (Custom Chapter)

Ian Brown - @GriffonsHowl - Sisters of Battle with Grey Knights

Traitor Space Marines (Post Heresy)

Jamie Searle - @DrakePolDragon - The Mantis Warriors

Phil Spurgeon - @TheShellCase - The Dark Knights (custom Legion)

Emma Hill - @Oddballkane - Death Guard/Khorne

Space Marine Legions (Pre Heresy)

 Richard Smith (me) - @richards2507 - Luna Wolves

Jason Byles - @jipin - World Eaters

Dave Wilkinson - @docbungle - Sons of Horus

Andrew Taylor - @yorkwargamer - Imperial Fists

Tom Dixon - @tommy2drops666 - Space Wolves

Chris Johnson - @CPJohnson80 - Emperors Cildren

David Mason - @colourpurple210 - Alpha Legion

Bryn Hill - @BamBamBeast - Iron Warriors

Neil Challis - @NeilChallis - Death Guard

Robert Mitchell - @MarauderMitch - Word Bearers

John Day - @Fallen_Princes - World Eaters

Stuart Mack - @TerrainGeek - Death Guard

Chris Oakley - @CryxChris - Iron Warriors

Tim Walker - @warllama40k - Ultramarines


Joe McDermott - @Borkan_Ice - Tau Empire

Dominic Webster - @MrDoink76 - Eldar Corsairs

Tim Walker - @warllama40k - Tau Empire

So this is the current list, I'm sure it will keep increasing.

I would like to extend my thanks to all and look forward to seeing everyone's progress, this has attracted far more than I expected, as it was originally planned as a personal project that I could track my progress with.

Be sure to keep track of everyone on twitter and the #ForgeWorldOnly hashtag

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